Unique to the Octobox is the fact that after several usages the box can be returned to its initial ‘new’ condition. Even better is that this can be achieved at a significantly lower price than the cost of a new box. You can get 1000 walls into a container so return costs are small.

Another unique part of the Octobox is the adhesive. This has been developed over many years so that the fabric can be removed.

The removed fabric is recycled and sent to a specialist recycling company who process the fabric into numerous other products.

So, the Octobox is eternal! It keeps going on and on and on and on saving you money and playing its part in saving the planet from wasteful packaging.


The main raw material in the Octobox is birch plywood which has been grown in sustainable forests (FSC Certified) throughout Europe.

When the ply is eventually replaced it is recycled. The fabric coating is similarly removed and sent for recycling.

Sustainable credentials are further enhanced as it folds flat for efficient transportation, is the lightest IBC in the market place and can be used over and over again.


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