The octagonal shape that is an Octobox is a registered trademark and unique in its construction and name. The Octobox is a living ‘box’ and accommodates the fluid movement that occurs throughout transit. With no ‘corners’ flex cracking of bags is not experienced and its flexibility means rough handling is accommodated without fracture or failure.

Produced In varying heights the standards being 880mm and 960mm but you choose! Fill from the top and either empty from the top or from a bottom valve sited in the pallet which gives maximum discharge. The walls are 8mm plywood and pallets are 1120×1120 or 1140×1140 to maximize container loadings. Accessories available (heated mats) means that not only fluids but semi solid liquids can be shipped and gently heated for discharge.

Only 3 parts –
Top, Wall & Base

Octobox is supplied in flat-packs, with a one piece body sleeve for quick assembly, requiring minimal storage space.

Top Cap – Available flat packed in a range of colours. With up to 100 pieces per pallet the storage space required is minimal .

Wall – Flat packed and easy to handle in a one-piece body sleeve for quick assembly. Your logo or strapline can be printed on the sides as well as instructions for handling.

Base – Fabric coated plywood or OSB and necessary to assist in maintaining the octagonal shape and protecting goods from the possible pallet contamination.

A comprehensive range of liners, valves and fittings are available that to fit in to the Octobox. The base can be customised for outlets to be fitted and complement Octobox’s efficient operation and control.


We have our own bespoke bottom outlet valve and a metallised liner which incorporates this valve. Other accessories include heated mat and filling bridge. RFID tags can be affixed should you require track and trace. If we can help you, please get in touch >


The main component in the Octobox is birch plywood
which is grown in sustainable forests throughout Europe.