Our manufacturing facility is located in what used to be the mining heartland of the U.K. – North East England. The Octobox was initially designed to carry ‘Bakelite’ – the first plastic made from synthetic components. This was back in the late 1970’s and like the industrial landscape the Octobox has changed beyond recognition. Now the different designs allow granules, powders and liquids to be carried safely and we also offer UN approved units which have been designed and tested to exacting safety standards.

From supplying only local industries it is now shipped all over the world and not only within Europe. India, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, USA, China, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia are all experiencing the unique properties of the box.

The Octobox is not your usual one fits all IBC. It has the ability to build a bespoke system or you can choose one of the many designs we have already developed.

Back in the 1970’s Walton Industrial Containers Ltd were undoubtedly way before their time. In this era sustainability was not even a subject of conversation but the future today is a re-usable, recyclable, refurbishable, collapsible, stackable and sustainable – THE OCTOBOX.

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