With the heated mat already a feature of the Octobox, we are now able to go one step further and also offer a heated JACKET.

The heated mat is used with our bottom discharge valve, with the mat being placed on the floor of the Octobox. The heat slowly melts the product from bottom up with the product flowing out as it liquifies.

The new heated jacket completely surrounds the inner bag and with the Octobox being made of plywood, its insulation properties ensure the heat is kept in and does not dissipate to the outside.

In our tests 1000kg of cold water (5C) was heated to 40C within 24 hours.

For use with certain sugars that crystallise, diary products that set, proteins that gel and waxes that solidify the Octobox heated Jacket can solve a multitude of problems. When the product has reached the desired temperature it can be pumped out from the top or discharged through the bottom valve.

The heating element is inside the Octobox which means the heat is in direct contact with the inner bag and does not have to penetrate external secondary packaging before having an effect on the product. The Octobox heated jacket uses less energy to reach the desired temperature and being competitively priced it wins on two fronts as compared to external jackets.

If you believe this could solve any issues you may have in pumping set, thick or gelatinous products that improve viscosity on heating then please get in touch.