Walton Octobox Partner with Recycling Technologies.

The cyclic nature of the Octobox leads to the outer polypropylene fabric being periodically replaced to produce a completely new Octobox to re-enter the cycle of sustainability.

The fabric is 100% Polypropylene and the first steps with Recycling Technologies was to provide samples for analysis. This is essential to ensure no impurities are present that could affect the process and the samples supplied passed without issue.

We then visited the factory of Recycling Technologies to understand more about the business and see how our fabric will be recycled. It was also important for us to understand what the residual products would be used for.

Basically, Recycling Technologies Ltd create value from residual plastic waste. For Walton it diverts the waste from the liability of landfill and incineration and converts it to a product, Plaxx, with a high market value..

Plaxx can be used as an industrial wax and by chemical companies to make new, virgin-quality plastics with recycled content. The loop for our Polypropylene is therefore closed and the sustainability credentials of the Octobox enhanced. Our customers are looking for sustainable products to meet CSR targets and our packaging along with Recycling Technologies expertise can assist in reaching the goals we are all seeking.

As quoted by Adrian Griffiths, CEO Recycling Technologies,

‘I can’t imagine a world without plastic, but I don’t want to live in a world that is drowning in it either’