Do you have drums standing outside in the yard? If you do then they could be subject to rusting through rain pooling in the top and/or contamination from indiscriminate birds defecating from high above.

Octobox have developed a Drum Cap which is a simple solution and can be used time and time again. It is a separate item to the cap that is place on an Octobox being slight bigger to fit snugly over 4 drums.

When the drums are sent to customers you can remove the cap, fold flat for ease of storage and re-use as required.

Flat packed, 100 drum caps can be put on 1 pallet sufficient to cover 400 drums.

If you would like your customers to receive your drums with the drum cap included then it is a simple process for them to remove, fold flat and return them to you for use over and over again.

Once again a truly cyclic product from the Walton factory.

Please call for more information.