Shipping empty drums around the world is a costly exercise with fresh air being the main volume shipped. In terms of promoting a circular economy there can be no worse example that a standard straight sided steel drum. In this world where sustainability is key to large multinational business strategies a replacement for the drum is paramount if they are to be true to their word.
The Octodrum is UNIQUE. They can be made in varying sizes from the standard drum height of 880mm through to 960mm to maximise the storage capacity.
The octagonal structure of four drums on a pallet makes it an extremely strong unit and stacking several high would not be an issue. 
After use the drum is folded flat and sent back. This is a really unique product and for top fill and top discharge (whilst palletised) it can already be used. 
The Octodrums are currently on trial at customers and we are awaiting feedback before moving onto the next design stage.
If you see an opportunity for the Octodrum please get in contact.